Thanks for inviting me to this event and for introducing my company to the buyers I met. I found it extremely useful meeting the potential buyers and had positive feedback from all, especially Chris of BPSE who plans to incorporate my company website and products into their residents package.", Carol Wilson-Frith, CEO Carmen Constantine (Wandsworth)

Thank you for organising today. It would have taken me 6 months to get to see those buyers attending and you opened the door to some very valuable contacts in one day.”, Graham Williamson, Business Development Manager, Cousins Ltd (Lambeth)

Myself and Chris found the meetings absolutely perfect. We have engaged Multiplex – both meetings were incredible. We have already arranged two meetings with both sets of buyers from Multiplex. For us at ARC it’s an absolute god send to be able to sit down with a Client already in need of our services.I can only say thank you very much for arranging these; it is much appreciated.
John Perrott, ARC-UK Ltd (Lambeth)

 “Thank you for organising the meetings today which put us in front of people that we would be very unlikely to be able to meet or indeed identify within their organisation.I hope that the Buyers thought it was worthwhile.  We were received warmly by them all and certainly felt that we had something to offer.  They were very receptive and we did not feel that they were going through the motions just to meet some local businesses.  One of the Buyers declared that his KPI was already at 30% which is a good sign.
The whole development of which BPS is just a part is right on our doorstep with a decade and more of opportunities and I think it is incumbent upon us to ensure that we match the developers’ requirements if we want to be part of this exciting project.
” David Budd FCA, Financial Director 
Du Boulay Contracts Ltd (Wandsworth)

"It was a real pleasure to attend this session. I had great interaction with other suppliers and as I've said this events in not about meeting the suppliers the most, is about networking with other business people who can recommend you to other businesses.
At the end, we have been invited to tender for BPS Estate, George from Downing said will e-mail us the PQQ for the 32 story student accommodation that they building
." Denisa Dita, 
GSL Cleaning & FM Support Services Ltd (Lambeth) 

Winning Contracts on the South Bank – Supply Nine Elms 3

Welcome to the next phase of the Supply Nine Elms local procurement initiative 

Testimonials from Supply Nine Elms 3 Meet the Buyer Event 19th July 2017

"I found the event very worthwhile – We are fortunate to have strong relationships with most of the buyers present today so it was more about touching base to ensure we will be considered for any stonework packages (most within Nine Elms and Battersea are angled towards high-end internal stonework). In particular the buyers were evidently focusing on ethical sourcing, community engagement and ISO accreditations, which I have fed back to our HSE Manager and will help with our ongoing compliance ahead of tenders coming in. We hope to develop leads from SRM on Battersea Phase 3 and Multiplex’s Aykom building.".Jonathan Baker, Business Development & Marketing, Szerelmey Ltd (Lambeth)


Participants: 61 delegates from 45 local businesses  

No of buyers: 10 buyers with 21 representatives.

No of meetings held: Approximately 120 meetings held.